Activities of KSP "Iberia"

What can KSP offer you?:

Each quarter the bulletin "IBERIA" is issued; a magazine full of interesting articles and relevant information.

Four times a year a cosy meeting is organized in Utrecht. You can have contact with other members and you can exchange your knowledge, sell and buy stamps, covers et cetera.

During each meeting there is an auction and in the summertime a big mailauction is organized.

Occasionally you can get a discount on philatelic necessities, for instance catalogues, albums, books et cetera.

As a member, you will qualify for a discount on the costs of the "BondsKeuringsDienst" (BKD), when you submit stamps for expertization.

The members of KSP can also make use of the library of the Royal Federation of Philatelic Societies in Baarn (Bondsbibliotheek). This library contains lots of books concerning Spain, Portugal and their colonies.

All members can submit their surplus material to the auction. The commission to KSP is only 10%.

The subscriptionfee amounts to 30,00 a year and the membership can start at every quarter. The subscriptionfee for "digital-members" is 15,00.

More information about KSP can be obtained from the following e-mail address : secretariaat KSP